Why humanize your company?

Alejandro Gabuardi / Nov 13, 2018

We, as humans, seek, by nature as social creatures, to create bonds with other humans and things we love. To achieve this, we assign emotional value to things we love. This becomes easier if we can feel identified with what we are assigning said value.

But exactly how can you make your business more relatable online? One good way to do this is by using Emojis on your social medias. An American survey showed that over 70% of Emoji users used them because they help them express themselves better, while half of them admitted that using Emojis makes it easier to bond with others.

Creating an emotional bond with your target is vital to improve your sells. A survey made in the UK showed that 93% of people agreed they were influenced by the emotional connection to the retailer or brand when making a purchase.

Overall, humanizing your company will give you a humane, trustworthy online brand reputation, while also improving your sales. Doing so wisely can position any new comer as a force to be recon with.

Source: Statista