The Digital New World

The Digital New World

Alejandro Gabuardi / Dic 3, 2018

Long has it been since Christopher Columbus discovered America trying to get to India in October 12th, 1492. Today, the American giants Facebook and Google are, ironically, making history repeat itself by trying to dominate the growing Indian market; phenomenon that has been dubbed “Digital Colonialism”.

It is no secret, Google and Facebook services are free for us, the users, because they earn money by placing ads in their platforms. This means that whichever is most popular in an area will dominate the market in said area. This is the reason why they are both after India.

According to Statista, India is the second biggest market in the world, but only 35% of its population has internet access; which means a large part of the market hasn’t been tapped. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that, to the moment of the writing of this article, the biggest channel on YouTube (Google) is the Indian channel T-Series. Neither is it that WhatsApp (Facebook) is fighting to keep the lead in India. This is why these companies are being called “digital colonizers”.

The impact that dominating a market this big would shape the direction the internet will go to. It is a matter of time to see which company did their best.

Source: Statista