Social Listening

Alejandro Gabuardi / Sep 25, 2018

Managing social media correctly is one of the most challenging tasks for new companies but the benefits it brings are well worth the while. Most companies have a narrowed social media to be used depending on their target, but where all converge is on Facebook and Twitter. Their versatile audience gives your content access way beyond your target audience establishing your business further.

Amongst the benefits that using a social media brings, probably the most important one is being able to be in touch with your target. People love using social media as a mean to express opinions. Being able to view live feedback of your products or brand gives you a chance to improve your content on the spot. This also gives you access to current and trending events, giving you tools with which to create relevant content to keep your audience engaged.

Engagement is better kept when there is a response. In general, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer a great window to what your target wants and needs, and to what your competition is doing. Listening to all this feedback can help you improve your product or service, be a step ahead of your competition, prevent problems, and maintain your target engaged. This technique is known as Social Media Listening and is taken care of by the community manager.

It’s not only posting “cool stuff” and checking in from time to time. It is a task that requires paying a lot of attention to what your target and your competition are saying, about your sector and about you, thus making you able to respond. This builds up your online reputation making it easy newcomers to know who you are and what you are all about. Someone who is easily recognized is someone who is more likely to be shared.

Over all, having a social media account while using the Social Media Listening technique can drastically improve your business positioning on your target audience mind. Using this tool correctly is key on being recognized by a broader audience.