The Digital New World

Alejandro Gabuardi / Dic 3, 2018

Long has it been since Christopher Columbus discovered America trying to get to India in October 12th, 1492. Today, the American giants Facebook and Google are, ironically, making history repeat itself by trying to dominate the growing Indian market; phenomenon that has been dubbed “Digital Colonialism”.


Why humanize your company?

Alejandro Gabuardi / Nov 13, 2018

We, as humans, seek, by nature as social creatures, to create bonds with other humans and things we love. To achieve this, we assign emotional value to things we love. This becomes easier if we can feel identified with what we are assigning said value.


Social Listening

Alejandro Gabuardi / Sep 25, 2018

Managing social media correctly is one of the most challenging tasks for new companies but the benefits it brings are well worth the while. Most companies have a narrowed social media to be used depending on their target, but where all converge is on Facebook and Twitter.